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If you are looking for a place that gives you cash for junk cars in Philadelphia, PA, come to Junk Cars Near Me. At Junk Cars Near Me, they give you the most cash for your junk cars. They take great pride in their work and approach each person with a high level of value. So if you have an old car laying around, don’t just let it take up space. Bring it into Junk Cars Near Me and get the most cash for your old cars.



Cities We


Philadelphia, PA
Elkins Park, PA
Abington, PA
Cherry Hill, NJ
Bensalem, PA



1612 Vandike St

Philadelphia, PA 19124

Tel:  (267) 972-1398


7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Monday - Sunday by Appointment




Welcome to Junk Cars Near Me, the place to get cash for junk cars in Philadelphia, PA. If you have an old car sitting on your property, then you have likely thought about getting rid of it. Maybe it’s causing you trouble with the neighbors, or it’s taking up space in your garage that you’d like to use for other things. They serve the Cherry Hill, Bensalem, Abington, and surrounding areas, and they are the people to talk to about getting rid of junk cars. You’ve spent a lot of money on your car over the years, and you’d like to find a place that pays cash for junk cars. You know it might not be worth a lot, but a little extra cash in your pocket is always nice. You want a place that will treat you right, and give you a fair price. They are the people to call because they believe in doing the right thing for their customers and pride themselves on their honest service.

While you’re on this website you can see all the things they can do for you and learn more about their experience with junk cars. They know how to determine the value of your car because they have been doing this a long time. You can be sure that the price you are quoted is more than fair and that they’re treating you right. They know moving an old car can sometimes be a challenge because it might not be running anymore. That’s why they offer transportation for your old car. They’ll come when it is convenient for you and take that old clunker off your hands. If you're in Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, Abington, or the surrounding areas, give them a call and let them help you. They will be glad to help.

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